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A leader in the renewable energy technology in the 21st century

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A technology leader & business partner
Myung Sung TNS Co., Ltd.

Myung Sung TNS Co., Ltd. is a leader in renewable energy technology and wants to be your business partner.
We specialize in the film and coating machinery for lithium-ion battery separator films.
Moreover, we manufacture the stretching and coating machinery for LCD/LED products.
Our success in domestic and overseas market are based on our leading technologies and know-how that we have accumulated through many years of works in related fields.
Myung Sung TNS Co., Ltd., selected as the Top 100 Star Companies in Daegu-si in 2017, takes customers' satisfaction as top priority and makes utmost effort to meet the expectations of customers.
Myung Sung TNS Co., Ltd., your business partner, will help you tread on the path to success.

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